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Jessica’s story

Names are pretty meaningful for Jessica. As we drove to the hospital on the morning of her birth, I googled the meaning of the names we had shortlisted, and saw that Jessica meant “a gift from God”. This baby was indeed a gift as it was a miracle that we were even pregnant in the first place. We also knew that our baby had a mass in her brain, so my hope was that the meaning of the name Jessica would help to ensure her survival. Because when you give a gift, you don’t ask for it back.

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The treatment never ends: Adam’s Story

Most of you reading this probably know at least one person, whose life has been affected by cancer. It might be your uncle, your sister, a friend, a grandparent, someone. Well, you’re about to know one more — me. When I was ten, I was diagnosed with CML, which actually stands for something that I can’t quite pronounce, even to this day. It is a type of leukemia, usually found in adults and rarely in children.

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Joshua’s Hope and Happiness

Our son Joshua was diagnosed with autism at the age of three. It was a terrifying time for us & a diagnosis that to this day, regularly tests our strength. After that we thought we were prepared for anything, but nothing could prepare us for the cancer diagnosis.

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