Derek Wandzura Memorial Scholarship

Seventy five per cent of childhood cancer survivors experience at least one chronic health complication related to their cancer treatments, which may affect their ability to learn. These young people often miss more school and may fall behind peers, putting them at a disadvantage when it comes to post-secondary education. Managing the permanent after-effects of cancer and its treatment also puts financial strain on the family, making higher education a difficult option for some families.

If you are a survivor of childhood cancer, our scholarship fund was designed to level the playing field for you and your family. The Kids Cancer Care Derek Wandzura Memorial Scholarship is a one-time award available to childhood cancer patients and survivors, for use in post-secondary studies. Scholarships are awarded based on quality of application.

Our scholarship is an endowed fund, administered by Calgary Foundation. The deadline for applications is April 30 each year. If you have any questions regarding the application process please contact Nikki Lamarche.

“It wasn’t until I started filling out my scholarship forms that I got my first true taste and rush of excitement for college. This scholarship is far more than a dollar amount inscribed on an incredibly crafted sheet of paper. It is my excitement, a smile, a butterfly ready to break free from my stomach. It is a physical piece of my future.”—Kelly Hogarth, cancer survivor and 2015 scholarship recipient

Note: Thanks to you, we have met our endowment goal of $500,000, so as of 2015, funds directed to our scholarship program will no longer go towards the endowed fund, but will be used each year to boost scholarship awards.

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