Shaving 101

Congratulations, you’ve decided to take the brave step of shaving your head! We bet that at some point you’ve found yourself thinking about how you’re going to keep your “new do” as fresh and maintained as possible!

Whether you have decided to go completely bald or leave some peach fuzz, there are two important things you should keep in mind after your shave: moisturizer and sun protection.

A shaved head exposes your scalp to the sun and other elements. This increased exposure can leave your scalp feeling dry and flaky. To avoid this, moisturize daily! You are not required to buy a specific moisturizer for your scalp; just make sure that the one you use does not contain alcohol. It is even possible to use the same moisturizer that you use for your face.

Protect it from the sun
As we mentioned before, with a shaved head comes increased sun exposure. Just as you have to protect the rest of your body from UV rays, your delicate scalp is no different! If you have shaven it all off, we recommend applying SPF 30 sunscreen before heading out into the sun or wearing a hat. It is important to remember that the skin on your head is going to be incredibly sensitive due to lack of previous exposure.

How long before my hair grows back?
The average person’s hair grows about a half an inch a month or 1.25 centimeters. Your hair may not grow over night but it will grow back at a steady rate! In the meantime, here are some reasons to enjoy your freshly shaved head:

1.       You don’t have to comb or style your hair;
2.       Showers will take less time;
3.       You’ll save money on shampoo and conditioner;
4.       You’ll never have to worry about getting gum in your hair;
5.       If you get caught in a rain or wind storm, your hair will still rock; and most importantly,
6.       You’ve raised awareness and funds to support families and youth affected by childhood cancer!