All in the family!

Kids Cancer Care was approached by a very enthusiastic and passionate mother named Michelle, who wanted to involve her family in our Shave Your Lid for a Kid program. As a family they decided they wanted to make a difference in the lives of children with cancer here in Alberta, by shaving their heads and donating their hair! Here is their story and a fantastic video the boys made about their shave!

Did you know that cancer is among the leading causes of non-accidental death of children worldwide?

We didn’t know until recently, when Cole (7) and Jake (5) took a great interest in Terry Fox this fall. Learning about Terry prompted them to begin asking questions about cancer, and specifically, if kids like them could get cancer. 

We had many heartfelt talks as a family about what cancer is and what little kids with cancer (and their families) might go through. Our boys asked us if there was some way that we could help. That’s when we found Shave your Lid for a Kid. It is the largest fundraising initiative for children with cancer in Alberta, and we felt that the organization was a perfect partner for our family.

Our family was moved to make a difference for children with cancer and their families. We are all a little bit nervous to lose our hair, but we are committed to showing our kids that through simple actions of everyday people, great things can happen! Great things will happen when we give what we can to contribute to kids camps, cancer research, hospital programs, and scholarship programs through Shave your Lid for a Kid.

Our Goal: $10,000! Bravely shaving our heads when we reach:

Lee = $2,000, Jake’s = $4,000, Cole’s hair = $6,000, Michelle’s hair = $10,000

Not only will we fund the programs mentioned, but most importantly, we will show moral support to kids going through the battle of their lives.

– Michelle Irvine
The Irvine boys made a fantastic video about their shave! Watch it video here. 
Donate to the Irvine Family Shave here.