My hair will grow back

In March 2012 Kids Cancer Care visited Western Energy Services Corporation for a Shave Your Lid for a Kid event that saw six brave co-workers band together to raise funds for Kids Cancer Care. Their motivation to shave it off came from a resilient young girl named Taylor. Leading the shave initiative, Tracey Burgess, recalls Taylor’s story and why Shave Your Lid for a Kid was so important for her to do.

I have a dear friend, who at 37 thought she would never have children of her own. Then along came dear little Taylor, weighing in at 9.2 lbs. She looked perfect – all her fingers and toes. Every parents dream, right? Taylor was diagnosed with neuroblastoma. At first it was a lump the size of a kiwi on her spine; then after multiple hospital visits and testing, Taylor underwent surgery to remove the mass. The prognosis looked good. Taylor now at five months has multiple masses that have sprouted on her spine and a lump that is on her liver and around her heart. This means more testing, hospital stays and chemotherapy. She has already been through 57 tests and surgeries!

Unfortunately there are many children out there with stories similar to Taylor’s. Research requires funding! This comes from people like me and YOU! My hair will grow back. I want to see Taylor GROW UP!!

UPDATE:  Taylor is now 17 months old. Just last week she had a routine MRI and a series of other tests. All results came back negative. The doctors feel she is in full remission, but will continue to follow her until she is at least 18 years old. Taylor is a happy little girl full of life and laughter. She has a full head of hair now, 14 teeth and she walks and talks (lots). All the love and support we have received has helped us through this trying journey. We thank each and every one of you.

My shave donations far exceeded my expectations!!!  I started with a target goal of $3,000 and ended up with donations in excess of $17,000!!! My hair has completely grown back,  “I have a new color and didn’t even have to pay for it!”