Welcome to Kids Cancer Care! Our new database and registration system CampBrain will enable you and your family to register with Kids Cancer Care and our free programs and services. To access CampBrain, you will need to create an account with a username and password. When you wish to access information in CampBrain, you will need to input this login information.


To register for a camp program, it is mandatory that you complete (1) the Household Form; and (2) the Kids Cancer Care Medical Form. Both forms must be completed for each child to secure your spot in a camp program. To register, you will need:

  1. Alberta Health Card number
  2. Immunization records for each family member
  3. List of prescribed medications for each family member

PLEASE NOTE: If you do not wish to register for a camp program at this time, but would like to receive information on our programs, please complete the Household Form only.


  1. If your child is on active treatment or has been off treatment for less than 12 months, please have your child’s primary nurse or pediatric oncologist/hematologist complete the Physician Evaluation Form.
  2. Please download Physician Evaluation Form here and bring it to your next hospital appointment.


  1. Once you have completed both the Household Form and the Kids Cancer Care Medical Form for each camp participant, you will receive an email, confirming that your registration for the selected camp program is complete.
  1. You will receive bi-weekly email notifications with information about our current programs.
  1. FOR SUMMER CAMP you will receive an email confirmation in MAY, detailing bus arrival and departure times, a list of camp activities, a packing list and contact information for Camp Kindle staff.

If your child requires one-to-one assistance or extra support while at camp, the deadline to register is May 10, 2020. 

If you have any questions or concerns about one-to-one camper registration, please contact Mackenzie Murawsky, nursing manager at Kids Cancer Care.



Kids Cancer Care is committed to operating Camp Kindle with the best practices in the oncology camping field. We are the only Alberta cancer camp that is accredited by the following accrediting bodies: 
  1. Alberta Camping Association
  2. Children’s Oncology Camping Association – International
The standards of excellence prescribed by these organizations are the standard operating protocols used at Camp Kindle for our oncology programs and our Camp Kindle rental programs. Look for the following camp accreditation logos to ensure the camp facilities and programs are operating with best practice for health and safety.


Our programs are guided by a medical advisory committee, led by a pediatric oncologist. This committee is made up of physicians, nurses and other health care professionals in pediatric oncology and hematology.
Camp Kindle is equipped with a modern medical centre, where campers receive specialized care, daily medications or other routine medical procedures. There are two private rooms in the clinic to provide privacy for kids requiring treatment or respite. Located just outside Water Valley, Alberta, Camp Kindle is a 75-minute drive from the Alberta Children’s Hospital in Calgary.


Kids Cancer Care strives to accommodate all registered families in the programs they choose; however, when space is limited we employ a priority system, which gives priority to children and families who are recently diagnosed, recently bereaved or who have never before attended the program. Thank you for understanding.