Child Life Services

These group and one-to-one sessions with our certified child life specialist are designed to offer ideas for coping and the opportunity to share resources and discover new strategies to help kids in isolation navigate their health care journey, while connecting with each other. 

During COVID-19, we are offering child life services via online platforms.

Group Sessions 

Child life is offering group sessions for kids ages 4 to 7 and group sessions for kids ages 8 to12. These sessions are aimed at finding opportunities for fun interaction with peers, mixed with therapeutic elements to help promote coping and wellness. Our group sessions will be offered once per month for each age group. 

One-To-One Sessions
Our child life specialist also offers one-to-one sessions with kids who struggling with medical-related fear and anxiety. The goal of these sessions is to introduce your child to medical terminology using child-friendly terms and to familiarize them with medical tools and technology through medical play. The virtual sessions are designed to give your child a sense of mastery and control over the treatment process.

To register for group-based or one-to-one Zoom session with our child life specialist, email Kim.

PEER - Therapeutic Exercise

Our PEER exercise program is designed for kids on or off cancer treatment and for kids with certain hematological diseases. The right prescription for physical activity can help your child develop strength, endurance, coordination and flexibility. Regular exercise helps restore energy levels and improve mental and physical well-being. PEER exercise sessions offer kids the opportunity to be more socially engaged and can improve academic performance. 

During COVID-19, we are offering a mix of one-to-one, online and outdoor programs.

Teens and Tweens (10 to 17 years old)

  • Online Zoom Sessions Wednesdays 5:00 PM to 6:00 PM
  • Outdoor adventure programs in person (canoeeing, skiing, hiking, snowshoeing) 
  • One-to-one sessions at our office

Preschool and School Age kids (3 to 9 years old)

  • One-to-One sessions at our office

To register for more information on PEER, please contact our exercise specialist Carolina.

Download a free copy of POEM (Pediatric Oncology Exercise Manual) here.

The PEER program meets Canadian Association of Nurses in Oncology (CANO) guidelines and is expected to support nurses in their understanding of the benefits of exercise for children affected by cancer. Endorsement is provided by CANO for a time period of one year, ending May 2021.

PEER Website

Check out our PEER website for pracitcal and fun exercise and activities you can do from home. 


Cancer in the Classroom During COVID-19

What do you say to a child who asks, “Is cancer contagious?”Our Cancer in the Classroom program helps kids with cancer talk to their classmates about their diagnosis and treatment. The goal is to build awareness, understanding and empathy in the child’s school community to mitigate potential social, academic and adjustment difficulties.

During COVID-19, we are offering Cancer in the Classroom via online platforms.  

Cancer in the Classroom is an interactive presentation designed specifically for the level of understanding of the students. Whether newly diagnosed or re-integrating into class during/after treatment, this presentation is an effective way to answer questions, clarify misunderstandings, share the facts, provide resources and ease concerns about cancer.

To book a session or learn more about Cancer in the Classroom, please contact Kim.

Big thanks to the Canada Post Community Foundation for supporting the launch of Cancer in the Classroom.

Education Support - Webinar Series

Spring and Fall
Evenings or weekends on Zoom

Looking for expert speakers

We are looking for professionals with expertise in childhood cancer and learning to present at our Education Support Webinar Series in the spring or fall. Professional presenters in past sessions have included neuropsychologists, clinical psychologists, child life specialists, oncologists, teachers, principals, educators and health care app developers. If you have expertise you'd like to share or know someone who does, we would love to hear from you. 

If you missed our fall webinar series, check out the video recordings here.

Please email Nikki with your suggestions and questions.

One-to-One Tutoring

Our qualified tutors will work one-to-one with your child to help them develop learning techniques and strategies that work for them. We currently have a waitlist of young people requiring tutoring services and are actively seeking qualified tutors to match with students.

If you have a child who needs one-to-one tutoring at this time, please email Nikki. She will add you to the waitlist and do everything in her power to find the perfect tutor for your child.

If your child or teen has a tutor who has gone above and beyond, we’d love to hear from you. Send a quick email to Nikki so we can celebrate your tutor and your child’s success.

Cooking & Caring

We know families affected by cancer are familiar with isolation, but with the COVID-19 pandemic the need to isolate has become even more stressful. We are here for you and our volunteers are ready to help! We are temporarily revamping our Cooking and Caring Program to ensure families are supported during this crisis.

Do you need help with grocery pick-up and delivery?

Are you in need of food or meals at this time?

Are there other ways Kids Cancer Care volunteers can help?

Please reach out to Mackenzie, our nursing manager, and she will set you up with a volunteer who is trained and committed to supporting you during this time.