Family Education Conference

Saturday, April 13, 2019
9:30 AM to 2:30 PM
River Valley School

Please join us for the 1st annual Kids Cancer Cancer Care Family Education Conference! 



Morning Keynote speakers:

Current research on future treatments. 
Dr. Aru Narendran MD, PhD. FAAP.
Dr. Narendran will speak about some novel facts about cancer and how this new knowledge is advancing the discovery of some extraordinary future treatments including vaccines.

Dr. Narendran is the Kids Cancer Care Foundation Chair in Clinical and Translational Research at the Alberta Children's Hospital as well as Professor of Pediatrics, Oncology, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at the University of Calgary.

Building cognitive and emotional resilience.
Dr. Taryn Fay-McClymont Ph.D., R.Psych.
How do we teach children the skills to bounce back or recover from adversity? This talk will focus on the concept of resilience, how it can help children engage in a learning environment, and how to foster strength that will help them through any future challenge.

Dr. Fay-McClymont is Pediatric Neuropsychologist, Alberta Children's Hospital. Adjunct Assistant Professor, Department of Pediatrics, Cumming School of Medicine, University of Calgary. Co-Director, Pediatric Neuropsychology Postdoctoral Fellowship Program, Alberta Children's Hospital.

Networking Lunch

Have the time to sit, eat and connect to other parents over some delicious food.

Resource and Information Fair

This fair is intentionally designed to help you connect with people, information and services that are relevant to your family’s needs.

Let’s talk…  Booths around the fair will invite you to talk with professionals knowledgeable about topics relevant to you and your family. Topics may include academics (math, literacy, online learning), working with schools, child and adolescent mental health, self-care.  

Community agencies and service providers: connect to providers in your community, gain information, and learn about resources.


In age-appropriate groups, youth ages 4 to 17 will engage in fun, hands-on sessions. The goal is skill development and peer connection! They’ll learn and practice skills that promote physical activity, psychosocial resilience and creativity.

For babies and tots (0 - 3 years) we will have a playroom equipped with volunteers to provide childcare and fun activities.

For more information, please contact Kelly Kerr, Education Support Specialist, by telephone at 403 984 6211 or via email.

Parent Education and Support

This program strives to help parents navigate the pathways of their children’s learning and education, and more generally, to support parents in their parenting roles.

Parent Workshops – Offered or recommended throughout the year on topics related to education, learning, parenting, and family well-being. Return here for upcoming workshops!

Parent Resources – Kids Cancer Care is actively compiling parent resources. Please contact Kelly if you are in need of specific resources or if you have resources to share with the Kids Cancer Care parent community.


Looking for resources? Want to connect to other parents who understand what its like? Join us for parent time at the upcoming Family Club.

Contact Kelly for more information.

Cancer in the Classroom

What do you say to a child who says, “Is cancer contagious?”

Cancer in the Classroom is a program designed to help kids with cancer talk to their classmates about their diagnosis and treatment. The goal is to build awareness, understanding and empathy in the child’s school community to mitigate potential social, academic and adjustment difficulties. All this is done through an interactive presentation designed specifically for the level of understanding of the students.

Whether newly diagnosed or re-integrating back into class during/after treatment, this presentation is an effective way to answer questions, clarify misunderstandings, share the facts, provide resources and ease concerns about cancer.

This program is set to tour Calgary schools in the Fall of 2018. Contact Winter to find out more information.

Kids Cancer Care would like to thank the Canada Post Community Foundation for supporting the launch of Cancer in the Classroom.


Kids Cancer Care matches patients and survivors in Kindergarten to grade 12 with volunteer tutors, who provide home-based  one-to-one tutoring. These tutoring sessions help learners work towards specific academic goals, while  boosting their confidence and helping them develop general learning skills.

Interested Families

Interested Tutors