Kids Cancer Care matches patients and survivors in kindergarten to grade 12 with tutors, who provide home-based one-to-one tutoring. These tutoring sessions help learners work towards specific academic goals, while boosting their confidence and helping them develop general learning skills.

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During COVID-19, we have moved our tutoring services online. We are actively placing students with tutors, so if you are interested in finding a tutor for your child, please follow the steps below: 

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Cancer in the Classroom

What do you say to a child who says, “Is cancer contagious?”

Cancer in the Classroom is a program designed to help kids with cancer talk to their classmates about their diagnosis and treatment. The goal is to build awareness, understanding and empathy in the child’s school community to mitigate potential social, academic and adjustment difficulties. All this is done through an interactive presentation designed specifically for the level of understanding of the students.

Whether newly diagnosed or re-integrating back into class during/after treatment, this presentation is an effective way to answer questions, clarify misunderstandings, share the facts, provide resources and ease concerns about cancer.

During COVID-19, we are offering Cancer in the Classroom sessions via online platforms. Contact Kim to find out more information.

Big thanks to the Canada Post Community Foundation for supporting the launch of Cancer in the Classroom.