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The best care for your child

Premium care is vital to a child’s recovery. It is research in action and without it, children with cancer would not survive. Treating a child with cancer demands a 24-hour, seven-day-a-week commitment of specialized care and Kids Cancer Care’s hospital programs ensure that Alberta children receive that care right here in Alberta.

This year, 237 Alberta families will learn that their child has cancer. Worry and sleepless nights follow, along with months of chemotherapy, radiation, surgery, remissions and relapses. Juggling a hectic hospital and work schedule can be taxing on families that are already emotionally spent. We are committed to the health of the whole family.

Improving care and outcomes through In-Hospital Programs

In our efforts to affect enhanced care and outcomes for children with cancer, Kids Cancer Care provides financial support for the following programs at the Alberta Children’s Hospital.

Recruiting, Retaining and Educating Health Care Professionals

Health care professionals have an incredible bond with their patients and are an essential part of the healing process. The recruitment, retention and education program for health professionals at the Alberta Children’s Hospital, enables the hospital to develop and retain highly skilled staff, who continually strive for excellence by improving their knowledge, then applying it in the clinical setting. The patients benefit because the quality of care they receive is based on best practice. Staff members who take part in educational conferences come back with a renewed strength of conviction, refreshed with deeper dedication and determination to bring excellence to their work.

Look Good, Feel Better

When cancer shatters your innocence and high-dose chemotherapy strips away your strength and vitality and, eventually, your hair, remembering who you are inside is vital. The Look Good, Feel Better program offers teenage girls a chance to explore and rediscover who they are while restoring their confidence from the inside out.

Volunteer cosmeticians lead the youth though an empowering session on how to manage the appearance-related side effects of their cancer treatments with makeup, wigs and funky headwear.

Bereavement Program

We know we can’t take away the pain of losing a child, but we can strive to ease it. Our Bereavement Program shows families they are not alone. In addition to counselling services, families receive the book When the Bough Breaks, followed by a bouquet of flowers on the first anniversary of the child’s passing.

Kids Cancer Care also offers bereavement programs such as Time to Remember out of our office.

Our programs

Kids Cancer Care offers a range of programs designed to address the immediate and long-term effects of cancer

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Programs and services for the whole family

We help children and families through a range of educational, therapeutic and recreational programs and services

Camp and Outreach

Our year-round Camp and Outreach programs are designed to help kids deal with the physical, social and psychological effects of childhood cancer. Patients, survivors, and siblings are all welcome!

Education Support

Our Education Support and Scholarship programs help children with cancer-related learning issues develop confidence at school while gaining an understanding of their own learning needs and how to advocate for themselves. When they’re ready, we offer post-secondary scholarships to an educational institute of their choice.

Hospital Support

Our Hospital Support program helps ensure children with cancer can access the best care right here in Alberta, which means fewer interruptions for the family and being close to their support network when they need it most.