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Meet Jackand his family

“Kids Cancer Care is the smile you haven’t seen on your child’s face for a while. Their worries melt away and you get to see that happy smile again.” – Kaila

Jack and his twin brother Adam had just celebrated their first birthday. They were busy little guys, following in the footsteps of their big sisters Aiya (3) and Nora (2).

Jack and Adam were both walking at 10 months, so when Jack suddenly stopped walking and reverted to crawling, his parents Kaila and Calvin Harapnuk were concerned.

Although they were worried, it wasn’t the crawling that troubled them most. Jack had stopped sleeping at night.

“He was fine during the day,” says Kaila. “But he wouldn’t lie down to go to sleep at night. One of us had to hold him upright or he’d cry all night.”

“We could see he wasn’t as happy, but we didn’t know what was going on,” says Calvin.

As the nights grew worse and Jack’s distress melded into days, the Harapnuks grew increasingly concerned and took him to see a pediatrician. The pediatrician thought Jack may be experiencing joint pain from a build-up of inflammation from a cold.

On the August long weekend in 2019, the Harapnuks were referred to emergency services at the Alberta Children’s Hospital. The consensus seemed to be that it was joint pain from a cold, but the neurologist on duty wasn’t comfortable sending Jack home, so he ordered an MRI for the next day.

The MRI revealed a massive tumour encompassing the entire right side of his abdomen. Jack had stage 4 neuroblastoma. They started him on emergency chemotherapy the next day. The goal was to shrink the tumour with chemo and later remove it in surgery.

Jack would spend 200 days in the hospital, undergoing multiple surgeries and multiple rounds of chemotherapy and radiation. There were many scary times when it looked like Jack may not make it — when his white blood cells were dangerously low or when his oxygen levels were plummeting, and he needed to be intubated in the PICU. These frightening moments were woven with interludes of hope.


You are helping to lighten the load for families facing a child’s cancer diagnosis

Calvin would take a short leave from work while Kaila paused her home-based business. With four children under the age of five, juggling work, household duties, and extracurricular activities while also caring for a child with cancer was emotionally and logistically overwhelming.

Thanks to your support, our Pizza Nights and Cooking and Caring programs were there to help ease the load by giving Mom and Dad one less thing to worry about. And our Beads of Courage program gave Jack a colourful tangible way to understand all the medical procedures.

Pizza Nights

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You are giving families opportunities to play and heal

Caring for a child with cancer is like living in pandemic times. Families are forced to isolate for months at a time because a cold or flu could be fatal for a child with compromised immunity due to chemotherapy.

As the eldest child in the Harapnuk household, Aiya understood more about Jack’s cancer experience. Her role as the responsible big sister was reinforced and she became a bit of a worrier. Nora and Jack used to be their social butterflies, but these days, Jack stays close to Mom in social situations as he struggles a bit with separation anxiety.

With your support, our year-round camp and outreach programs offer families a safe and hygienic space to connect with others while having fun.

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Parent programs

And Beyond

You are helping young people affected by cancer thrive

Research shows that childhood cancer survivors have lower educational and employment outcomes than their peers. Knowing that education and employment outcomes are key indicators for quality of life, we are developing education and leadership programs that give kids affected by cancer the best chance to create a brighter future.


Cancer in the Classroom

Leadership programs


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4. Be Brave

Register your Big Brave event today! Cut, colour or shave your lid for a kid while raising funds and showing moral support for kids who lose their hair to chemotherapy.


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Be a rebel with a cause. Head into the majestic Rockies for a 3-day motorbike adventure and make a huge difference in the lives of children affected by cancer.