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KIDS CAN make a difference!

What amazes me about Sydney cutting her hair for cancer awareness is how humble she is about her kindness. She doesn’t boast about it or talk about it unless asked. That is the very essence of giving, selflessly from the heart with no self-gratification but the feeling of doing something kind for someone else. She inspires us all, including me, her Mom.

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Brand new shave video

Share the video with 5 people and someone may be inspired to shave their head for children with cancer. The money raised could send a child with cancer to camp.Share it with 100 people and 50 people may be inspired to help. The money they raise could help save a child’s life.

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The Mane Event

I work with youth and they are very special to me. They bring so much joy to our lives and they are our future. It is heart-breaking to know that such young children are fighting every day for their lives. This is the reason why I have chosen to support the Kids Cancer Care Foundation and Angel Hair for Kids.

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