Jordan Yandel

In 2017, Jordan Yandel was searching online for the perfect volunteer opportunity. She knew she wanted to do a summer camp – but wasn’t sure where to begin. Then she found Kids Cancer Care’s website.

“I saw the amazing work that Kids Cancer Care was doing to make camp possible for everyone,” says Jordan. “Their mission to be highly inclusive and to help every kid have an amazing time at camp and to just being a kid impressed me. From then on, I knew I wanted to get involved in whatever way I could.” 

One of the reason Kids Cancer Care can make camp possible for everyone is our outstanding volunteers and when it comes to volunteers, Jordan has quickly become one of a kind.

Her first summer she signed up not for one, not for two, but for three weeks of camp: one week each for SunRise, SunMaker, and SunHaven. 

Jordan describes one of her favorite camp memories as the bus ride out to camp: “Seeing everyone playing games and getting to know each other was amazing. I also loved spending time at the tipis at Camp Kindle and going out to Camp Kindle with the SunRise campers. It was fun to see the little ones experience ‘big-kid’ camp.”

Our campers will be seeing Jordan again in summer 2018, but like many, she believes she gets more out of camp than she gives back, “This past summer, I learned that sometimes the best life lessons don’t come from school or textbooks, but from experience. I was privileged to learn so many things from the kids this summer. The experience was priceless!”

Learn more about Kids Cancer Care's volunteer opportunities here.

Above photo: Jordan (left) volunteers at SunMaker camp in summer 2017.