Jim Rainkie

After retiring from a career in marketing, Jim Rainkie was looking to keep busy with activities outdoors. While passing the time gardening, bird watching, taking country walks and camping, Jim was searching for a way to give back. Shortly into his retirement, Jim happened upon some information about Kids Cancer Care’s Camp Kindle. He was no stranger to the organization, having been a long-time donor and he knew this was his calling to help. He leveraged his passion for the outdoors to recruit his son, Ryan, who owns a landscaping business, to help him renovate the flower and shrub beds in an ongoing project at camp. Jim also uses his marketing know-how to assist with fundraising for Parents Quest for the Cure galas as well as golf tournaments.

Being raised in a large farming family, Jim was accustomed to children being the “centre of the universe.” Between the children in his own family he fondly calls “his own little charges” and his volunteer work with Kids Cancer Care, it seems that nothing has changed. Jim is enjoying his time with Kids Cancer Care, not only being around the children that are “most grateful and most worthy of every grace bestowed upon them,” but by getting to know the staff who he describes as “awesome, high spirited, kind hearted people so suited for their calling and the children and families they support.” 

Right back at you, Jim.

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