Liz Stableford

Children have been an integral part of Liz Stableford’s life for as long as she can remember. And that’s not likely to change soon. As a mother of two, grandmother to a three-year-old and an elementary school teacher for over 20 years, she is what we call kid-experienced! So when she learned about Kids Cancer Care, while attending a teacher's convention, she knew the organization would be the perfect volunteer opportunity she had been searching for. 

Having always enjoyed camp programs, Liz found her niche at Kids Cancer Care’s Camp Kindle, volunteering at summer and family camps. As someone so experienced, it would be hard to find a job at camp that brought her out of her comfort zone, but she did just that when she met a 17-year-old camper who was struggling. An encounter she now says is her most rewarding volunteer experience, it’s no wonder that she finds working with our kids so fulfilling as she watches them they gain confidence as they learn new skills and strategies.

“Bluebird [Liz’s camp name] is all heart!” says Tracey Stahn, Kids Cancer Care’s manager of volunteers and outreach. “She is so invested in everything she does, and gives 110% in every situation she is in. She is warm and caring and one of our top one-to-one volunteers. Her passion for working with kids with disabilities is inspiring. Every camp program, we can rely on Bluebird to step up last minute, or take on a new challenge. We trust her ability to provide exceptional and knowledgeable support to kids of all ages and abilities. Everyone is at ease in the presence of Bluebird. She is a true leader!”

Also a volunteer tutor with our Education Support Program, “Liz is exceptional at reading situations, providing tools and strategies and giving proper guidance to those she works with,” Tracey adds.

Liz notes that sometimes in conversations about her volunteer work, people who are not involved with Kids Cancer Care, remark that it must be a little depressing to be around sick children. She is quick to set the record straight: “I have never been to a more positive and supportive place.” She is inspired by the kids’ and parents’ special understanding, the amazing support and absence of judgement among children and families. “Six amazing years” later, Liz is still moved by the “strength and positivity” of the families she works with at Kids Cancer Care.

And many here are moved by Liz too. ”I can say without reservation that she has created many magical moments in the lives of kids affected by cancer!” says Tracey.

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