Brad Rains and Adam Verheyde

Known mostly as a duo titled “Bradam,” 24 year olds Brad Rains and Adam Verheyde have an unlikely friendship. Currently both in their fourth year of Child Studies at Mount Royal University, it would be safe to assume they met while in the program. In actuality, they are both cancer survivors and met long before at Camp Kindle. 

“Brad and I became friends in 2005 when it was my first year at [Kids Cancer Care's original camp location of] Camp Horizon,” says Adam. “We were placed into the same age group category, and ever since that first week of camp we have connected with one another. From that moment on, we made sure that we continued to go to camp together.”

Adam was ten years old when he was diagnosed with Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia. Adam’s treatment consisted of a targeted chemotherapy, in pill form, called Gleevec. Sadly, after a year of treatment, the Gleevec stopped working which resulted in him requiring a bone marrow transplant to rid his body of the cancer that had taken over. Brad was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, a cancer that appears in the lymph system, when he was only six years old.

Both boys, now men, had a long journey ahead of them once they were diagnosed with cancer. But despite the many hardships that cancer brought them, it also brought them Kids Cancer Care, and eventually each other. Brad has volunteered for Kids Cancer Care for 11 years at programs, camps and as a Spokeskid. “What brings me back year after year is getting the opportunity to meet new families and helping them along their journey. I also get to volunteer with friends that I went to camp with years ago.”

Adam has been volunteering for Kids Cancer Care for 10 years, and hopes to continue. “During this battle I was going through, I was introduced to Kids Cancer Care. I went to every camp possible when I was a child. I spent most of my summers forging new friendships and playing outdoors courtesy of Kids Cancer Care,” says Adam.

Bradam also volunteer together. “We volunteer at SunRise day camps, teen camps together, teen nights, golf tournaments and other events held throughout the year,” says Adam.

Outside of Kids Cancer Care, Brad and Adam hang out often. “We live down the street from one another and drive to Mount Royal University together every day.  We do almost everything together. We have been to Calgary Flames games together, we have worked together at professional jobs and we hopefully plan on moving in with each other once school is finished.”       

Both Brad and Adam are very grateful that Kids Cancer Care brought them together through Camp Kindle.

“Our friendship to me is something that is so strong and unbreakable due to the fact that we have experienced similar life experiences. We just get each other. We truly find it hard to even picture what life would be like without one another. We have helped each other through many major events in our lives, and will continue to stay by each other sides in everything we do. We’re forever grateful to Camp Kindle and Kids Cancer Care as a whole for the friendship they have brought us!”

And we're so glad that Camp Kindle brought you two lifelong memories, along with a lifelong friendship, Bradam.

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