We are committed to ethical fundraising practices that respect donors' rights to privacy and truthful information. As an accredited fundraiser, we responsibly manage the funds our donors entrust to the foundation and report financial affairs accurately and completely. To find out more about Imagine Canada and the ethical fundraising code visit Imagine Canada.

Telemarketing Blues

Kids Cancer Care NEVER employs telemarketing companies to raise money. We are fortunate to have generous community support through an annual direct mail campaign and fundraising events. Telemarketing is not a part of our fundraising activities. Kids Cancer Care is not affiliated with, and does NOT receive funds from an organization called the Cancer Recovery Foundation, which has been known to raise funds via telemarketing to send children with cancer to camp or send gift baskets to children in the hospital. For information on the rights of donors, please see below or visit the Association of Fundraising Professionals

Resources for Donors

The following links provide additional information about some of your rights and benefits as a donor to charitable organizations. We hope you find them helpful.

  • The Donor Bill of Rights provides a list of rights for donors.
  • The Charities Directorate on the website of Canada Revenue Agency provides information to donors on tax savings, donation receipts, the regulation of charities and how to be better informed as a donor. The website includes an online, searchable list of Canadian charities, granting access to donors to research them.
  • Service Alberta provides information to Alberta donors, charitable organizations and fundraising businesses. The site provides information on the laws protecting donors, donation receipts and on tips for donating in Alberta. Albertans may also search the site to learn if a charitable organization is registered and authorized to fundraise in Alberta.