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Make a Gift of Securities

A creative way to help children with cancer

Transferring securities is easy. You may transfer the securities electronically or deliver endorsed certificates directly to the Kids Cancer Care office. When donating publicly listed securities such as equities, bonds, futures or mutual funds to a charity, you will not be taxed on the capital gains from that investment.

Options for making a gift of securities


Transferring securities electronically from your brokerage account to Kids Cancer Care’s account is perhaps the easiest way to make a gift of securities. There is no need to transfer the actual certificates. Simply instruct your broker to make an electronic transfer by completing a securities transfer form. The fair market value is based on the closing price on the day the securities are transferred and you will receive a tax receipt for this value.


With this option, you simply endorse the security certificates to Kids Cancer Care and have the endorsed certificates hand delivered by registered mail or courier to our office. The fair market value is determined on the date the certificates are received by our office and a tax receipt will be issued for the value of the closing price on the day of transfer. The certificates and the securities transfer form must be mailed separately.

To initiate a transfer of securities to Kids Cancer Care, print and complete a securities transfer form below, authorizing your broker to release certificates to the foundation. Our financial institution will then process the transfer.