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Create Your Legacy

A legacy of hope for children with cancer

Imagine a cure for cancer long after you’re gone or  a life-changing experience for a child at summer camp. Imagine opening up a whole new world for a childhood cancer survivor through a university scholarship. Your legacy can make all of these and more a reality!

Cancer interrupts happy childhoods with harsh medical treatments, forced isolation and treatment-related health problems that last a lifetime. It disrupts a child’s formative years that shape the future and who the child becomes.

Your support helps us restore these lost childhoods and fight childhood cancer on several fronts: with laughter at camp, the best hospital care, year-round family programs, innovative science in the lab and by making brighter futures possible with post-secondary education scholarships.

Making plans today for a future gift in your will is a thoughtful way to celebrate your life, while creating a legacy of love and hope for children with cancer. After seeing their own son through cancer, Jennifer and Ken Laidlaw made the decision to leave a legacy gift to help children affected by cancer for years to come. Read about their generous decision and how easily it can be done

Creating your legacy is easy and there is an option that’s right for everyone

Download our Legacy Giving Package to explore several giving options or choose an option below to learn more about making a legacy gift that’s right for you and your family.

A legacy gift that’s right for you

There are many ways to create a legacy for children affected by cancer. Please speak with your lawyer or financial advisor to determine the best course of action for you and your family. In the meantime, here are a few ways to leave a legacy.

A legacy gift by will

When updating your estate plans and considering whether to leave a legacy gift in your will, first decide if it is the right thing for you to do. You may choose to leave a specific gift amount, a percentage of or the residue of your estate.

Most legacy gifts are gifts in a person’s estate, primarily a bequest in their will. They are created by adding a codicil to an existing will or including a gift when preparing a new will. Often lawyers will add the codicil to a will without any charge especially if you provide specific wording. Work with your professional advisors to determine what type of gift is best for you.

When properly prepared, a will can ensure that your loved ones are cared for, the value of your estate is protected and that your legacy gift is also realized. A gift in your will to Kids Cancer Care is a meaningful way to look after your loved ones, while offering hope to generations of children to come.

A legacy gift by securities and mutual funds

For gifts of this type, please complete a Gift of Publically Traded Securities Form and kindly forward to Kids Cancer Care Foundation of Alberta.

When donating publicly listed securities such as equities, bonds, futures or mutual funds to a charity, you will not be taxed on the capital gains from that investment.

A legacy gift by RRSP and RRIF

A gift by unused RRSPs could help make a significant impact in the future of children battling cancer. You may be able to make the largest philanthropic gift of your life through your company’s pension plan or your own RRSP.

By naming the Kids Cancer Care Foundation of Alberta the final beneficiary, if you or your family do not live to use the funds, Kids Cancer Care will receive them as a charitable donation. Gifts by RRSP or RRIF will help fund the future work of Kids Cancer Care and ensure our mission remains strong and vital for years to come.

A legacy gift by life insurance

I know I have a life insurance policy . . . somewhere. Maybe you don’t think about that small life insurance policy, now paid up, that was taken out by your parents when you were a child . . . Is it filed away with old papers, or tucked away in your safety deposit box at the bank? Existing policies such as these may no longer be needed to serve the purpose for which they were originally purchased.

Consider the giving power of these life insurance policies. They are a way to put some of your sleeping assets to work for the future of a cause that is meaningful to you, such as Kids Cancer Care.

Our planned giving program is generously supported by the Calgary Foundation. 

Please consider notifying Kids Cancer Care of your legacy plans by completing a Planned Gift Confirmation and Confidentiality Form and returning it to us. We would love the opportunity to extend a personal thank you and to ensure that your gift will be used exactly as you wish. Should you prefer to remain anonymous, we will completely respect your wishes.

For more information, please reach out:

Genine Neufeld, Director of Philanthropy
Kids Cancer Care Foundation of Alberta
403 930 6951 |  email
5757 4 Street SE  |  Calgary, AB  T2H 1K8