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Meet Nyah, our 2024 spokeskid

Nyah has always been a gifted athlete. By age nine, she had steadily worked her way up to the top teams for her age group. Soccer was all she imagined for her future. But all of this changed in 2017 when she was diagnosed with leukemia. She was 10 years old and had just started grade five. Now 16, Nyah is still battling the after effects of her cancer treatments, but she doesn’t let any of this stop her. Fortunately, she found hope and healing in Kids Cancer Care, offering her a community of other youth walking a similar path. Through Kids Cancer Care’s PEER exercise, camp and leadership programs, Nyah is rebuilding her life in the wake of cancer. These days, she’s focusing on her studies with the hope of one day becoming a pediatric oncologist. She wants to help other kids battling cancer.

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