For Families Testimonials


Our families say it best

Here are some excerpts of their feedback.

“I am learning important life lessons. Helping kids with cancer helps me to make sense of my own cancer and it gives me hope for all of us. The motto I live by is ‘Cancer may have started the fight, but I’m finishing it!’” – cancer survivor

“The support from Kids Cancer Care has blown me away. It has been like the biggest hug possible in this whole nightmare of a journey.” – parent

“Kids Cancer Care recognizes that siblings need support too. The whole family needs to heal. It’s such a lifelong journey — spiritually, socially, mentally. When bad things happen, you have to look for the light. Kids Cancer Care is that light. All the support makes the impossible, possible.” – parent

“We are so thankful to Kids Cancer Care for making it easy for us to do family things together and not worry about the financial burden. We were able to do the Polar Express with the whole family and take the girls to Theatre Calgary to see A Christmas Carol. Now more than ever we realize how important every minute is that we get to spend with all our kids as time is so valuable right now.” – parent

“Every week, Liam and his tutor Diana meet for one-to-one tutoring sessions through Kids Cancer Care’s Education Support Program. They work on his math and reading skills. They even use his favorite Lego players to make learning fun and have friendly competitions around math problems. Diana also works with Liam’s school teacher to identify areas they can improve upon during their sessions. Thanks to Kids Cancer Care, we have seen an improvement in Liam’s school work, and we have noticed that his confidence in learning has grown.” – parent

“Newly bereaved families have asked me: ‘How do you laugh? How do you smile when talking about your son?’ I respond, ‘We are so fortunate to have the support of this group. We have Kids Cancer Care.” – bereaved parent

“These kids go through so much pain and suffering, but at camp, they just let it go. They’re so resilient. The first year I volunteered, there was a group of boys playing soccer and one little guy was called to take his medication. He instantly dropped everything, ran to the clinic, swallowed a gigantic ‘horse’ pill, without batting an eye, and ran back to play soccer again. It didn’t even phase him. If I have a headache, I’m done for the day.” – nurse and volunteer

“Everyone was so nice. It made me feel like a normal kid. The camp counsellors regularly pushed me outside of my comfort zone— always in encouraging and positive ways. They actually made me want to challenge myself and do things I didn’t know I could.” – camper and cancer survivor

“At Kids Cancer Care, you don’t have to apologize for the way you feel, or for being emotional. Everyone just knows and it’s okay, and it’s accepted.” – parent