Every year, we choose a spokeskid to represent Kids Cancer Care at various events throughout the province. These incredible kids play an important role in the success of the foundation. By sharing their cancer journey, they help raise awareness about childhood cancer and the work we do. These kids are the reason we do what we do.

Meet Baylen

Baylen’s journey with cancer started with migraines at the age of 13. When the migraines became unbearable, he was sent for an MRI. This revealed a tumour the size of a ping pong ball in the dead center of his brain. Baylen was given a 20 per cent chance of survival. What followed was an intense year of invasive cancer treatments—three brain surgeries, 31 radiation sessions, four months of chemotherapy, a stem cell rescue, and a ton of medical procedures. Constantly in and out of ICU with no visitors, Baylen compares this time to “COVID-19 on steroids.”  

Baylen has embraced Kids Cancer Care programs, participating in PEER exercise, tutoring, camp and our Teen Leadership Program. As a teen leader, Baylen is actively giving back and is currently working towards a Silver Duke of Edinburgh Award.  

Proud to represent Kids Cancer Care as the 2021 spokeskid, Baylen says, “Kids Cancer Care was a gigantic part of my healing and recovery. Before cancer, I was reserved and timid, but now look at me! Look at what I have been through and what I know I can do. Kids Cancer Care is helping to shape the person I am today."