Quinn Laudersith

2021 Scholarship Recipient

Quinn Laudersmith was diagnosed with Wilms tumour at a young age, and he’s proud to say he’s a survivor. His cancer journey presented him with many challenges that he has overcome. Quinn also maintains a positive attitude and continuously thrives to improve as a person. 

His close contacts describe him as thoughtful, courteous, and mature for his age, but he is also kind, good natured and has a great sense of humour. Quinn has given back to the community in countless ways — raising $70,000 for Kids Cancer Care, helping seniors, serving as a cadet, and canvassing for the Heart and Stroke Foundation. He enjoys everything to do with avant-garde fashion. Historically, avant-garde in the French military referred to a small military group that scouted ahead of the main force. Quinn hopes to create a business in the men’s fashion industry that does just that — stays a head of the industry. He’s jump starting his career with a degree in business administration at Mount Royal University.