Madeline Pillipow

2019 Scholarship Recipient

You would never imagine what Madeline has achieved while fighting Hodgkin’s lymphoma. She’s captain of the basketball team, head trainer for the boys’ football team, peer supporter, drama member, public speaker, member of the Kids Cancer Care Teen Leadership Program, fundraiser and volunteer.

She has given hundreds of hours to her school and community. Madeline is eager to help other children facing impossible situations because she knows how powerful it can be to talk to someone who understands. While cancer made her feel alone, meeting others with similar challenges through in the Teen Leadership Program helped her to feel understood and appreciated. It helped her to become an outgoing person again.

As one of Madeline’s coaches explains, “Madeline is a remarkable young woman and I have no doubt that with her commitment to personal achievement, combined with her passion for helping others, she will be extremely successful in everything she chooses to pursue.”

In the fall, Madeline will be taking her energy and leadership west, as she realizes a long-time dream of studying sciences at the University of Victoria.