Gabriel’s gift

“Gabriel has had a Mohawk since pre-school. It’s his identity. I don’t know why but he’s always insisted on keeping it. We’ve been encouraging him for years to cut it, but he never would, until now,”–Gabriel’s mom Stephanie Lynn.

Gabriel’s signature Mohawk even showed up in his artwork. Note the Mohawk blood donor (centre) in the award-winning drawing Gabriel made for the Canadian Blood Services at Survivor Day.

The Mohawk has been Gabriel’s signature look ever since he was a youngster. But about a month before his father’s 50th birthday,12-year-old Gabriel suddenly announced that he was getting rid of the Mohawk.

“I want to get rid of it,” he said. “I want to cut it off at dad’s birthday party and raise money for Kids
Cancer Care.”

Gabriel and his younger brothers Shaine (10) and Darius (8) have been participating in Kids Cancer Care’s camp and outreach programs for years—from Pizza Nights at the hospital when Shaine was on treatment, to fun and adventure at Camp Kindle. Gabriel felt it was time to give back.

“He came up with this all on his own,” says Stephanie. “I don’t know what changed; if it’s because he’s going into junior high next year or if it’s because of all the change we’ve had this year, but something shifted and now he’s done with it.”

As with many Albertans, the Lynn family has had a tough year in 2016. Mom lost her job and Dad has lost most of his contract work. With grade seven on the horizon for Gabriel, maybe it seemed like the right time for a change. Whatever his reason for making the change, Gabriel raised a fair chunk of change for Kids Cancer Care.

“His goal was $500, but he raised $1,275,” says Stephanie. “He wanted to raise enough money to send a kid to camp.”

It costs $1,500 to send one child to Camp Kindle for one week, so Gabriel was very close. You can help Gabriel meet his goal of sending one child to camp, by donating here.

Thank you Gabriel! You’re a shave hero!