Take a chance on the high ropes

November 28, 2014

One of the most treasured activities at Camp Kindle has to be the high ropes course. Built in 2012 along with its sister facility the low ropes course, The high ropes course has been creating happy memories for camp guests ever since.

Considered “the Cadillac of rope courses” by some, it was specially designed for the enjoyment of children and teens and is fully accessible to those with mobility issues. Adults are totally welcome to partake as well, and regress to childhood as required.

small-img_8262Ten meters high at its highest point, the high ropes course is actually composed of four areas; the static course, climbing wall and team’s pod. The static course is best described as an obstacle course in the sky. After a quick lesson on the ground about how to clip in, the climber is set loose to cross increasingly rickety looking bridges strung pole to pole above. The best part is saved for last because there is only one way to get down: the zip line! The climbing wall allows up to four people to ascend at once and is where one is most likely to see the tenacity and ferocity it takes to beat cancer on display. Almost everyone makes it to the top to the sound of cheers from below (no clapping because that would mean someone let go of the belay rope). Lastly the team’s pod, the writer’s personal favourite, is designed to present obstacles which require teamwork to ascend. I have witnessed absolute miracles of teamwork over the years from our campers and it has solidified my opinion this next generation – far from being lost or lethargic despite proclamations to the contrary – is capable of great feats of heroism and generosity.


Part of the high ropes course’s magic is due to its ability to generate experiences far outside one’s normal daily routine. It’s not everyday you zoom down a zipline or or wave to your friends ten meters below. I think it also establishes for campers the oft cited importance of getting outside of one’s comfort zone. It gives campers, no matter how far up they manage to get, an early feeling of success to build on outside of camp.

webmaker-1349Kids Cancer Care’s title motto is kids can. In large part because of what I’ve witnessed at the high ropes course as a volunteer, I’ve become a complete devotee to this focus. These kids can climb, dance, sing, run, and jump, and I find myself constantly referring back to the organization’s motto to cajole and encourage campers to try their best. If you are reading this thinking, “yes, kids can do anything!” I would encourage the reader to consider any special volunteer skills they might have or booking the facility for one’s next team building exercise which helps contribute to the continued maintenance of the site. In any case, please remember kids can do anything – including thrive again after surviving cancer.