No regrets!

Sherri and her co-worker Ashlee decided to make a positive impact in the lives of kids affected by cancer by shaving their lids for a kid. Sherri knows first hand the affects that cancer can have on a person and the ones who love them. This is her shave story….

On October 9, 2013, I shaved my head for Kids Cancer Care in honour of my grandmother, Mary McKeage and my friend Johan Groneman. Both  passed away in 2013. I wanted to do something to acknowledge how inspiring they were and are to me, especially after their cancer diagnoses. The dignity with which they both accepted their illness was inspiring to me. And, their decision to live life to the fullest was apparent in how they lived the remainder of their lives.

I had no idea the effect this shave would have on me and those around me. My six-year-old daughter is so proud of me that she said she will shave her head for Kids Cancer Care when she’s an adult. My mom cried because she couldn’t believe how brave I am (her words, not mine). My brother donated $1,000 because he was so proud of me and wanted to do something good with his money. Everyone had something wonderful and inspiring and supportive to say to me and my coworker Ashlee who did it with me.

Five days ago, I had my bachelorette party at a nightclub. At one point in the night, I got really sad and took off my veil, garter and feather boa and threw them on the table with tears welling up in my eyes. My friend asked me what was wrong, “Everyone thinks I’m sick and it makes me feel really sad for people who ARE sick,” I said. I’m happy I decided to donate my hair to Angel Hair for Kids to be made into a wig. That night, people came up to me and gave me high fives and bought me drinks. Others thanked me for what I had done and hugged me.

This has been an amazing experience. I feel that I have brought some awareness to this cause and that makes me feel great! I have no regrets.