Country star Kellie Pickler shaves in solidarity

The country cutie has buzzed off her locks in a show of solidarity to her best friend, Summer Holt Miller, who was diagnosed with breast cancer in June. Pickler refers to Miller as her sister and decided to undergo the hair buzzing in Nashville alongside Miller.

Pickler took to Twitter afterwards and called the experience “one of the most incredible days of my life.” She has also coined herself as Miller’s cancer buddy and stated that no one should “walk through the valley alone.”
Here is the video from the emotional shave day.
Here is a clip from the Ellen Show: 
A message from Kids Cancer Care
Shaving your head in  support of cancer is so much more than raising money. It’s about showing that you care and supporting those that don’t have a choice in losing their hair. It makes these people feel as though they are not alone. Some times this can be all they need to have the hope and strength to fight and beat cancer. For all of you who have shaved or cut and donated your hair, thank you!