KIDS CAN make a difference!

When Kids Cancer Care first arrived at Good Shepard School to meet Sydney we were impressed by her confidence and mesmerized by her cuteness. Not only has Sydney made the brave decision to cut off her pony tail once, but now twice! Sydney is proof that KIDS CAN make a difference.  Written by her mom, this is her story.

Sydney Grenkow, who is just turning seven in December 2011, cut her 11½”  braid off at Good Shepherd School on November 29, 2011. Her grade-two teacher was the one who officially cut the braid off in front of all of her peers in the school gymnasium. Her teacher says “Sydney is an exceptional little girl. We have all been touched by cancer in some way and having someone so small set such a good example for the other students at the school is really quite amazing.”  
This is the second time she has given back for the fight against cancer. She did the same act of kindness when she was in Kindergarten as well. The hair goes to the Pantene Beautiful Lengths program where they make wigs for cancer patients. Along with the donation of her hair, we raised money for the Kids Cancer Care through the Shave a Lid for a Kid program. Sydney’s motivation comes from both her grandparents having survived cancer. 

As parents, this has been one of the proudest moments we’ve had. Sydney plans to do this all over again once her hair grows back. Her hair grows quite fast so this same event will probably take place when she is in grade four. What amazes me about Sydney cutting her hair for cancer awareness is how humble she is about her kindness. She doesn’t boast about it or talk about it unless asked. That is the very essence of giving, selflessly from the heart with no self-gratification but the feeling of doing something kind for someone else. She inspires us all, including me, her Mom.

-Candace Grenkow
The Shave Your Lid for a Kid program not only features individuals shaving their heads, but also brave individuals undergoing drastic haircuts to donate their hair towards making wigs. Kids Cancer Care works with Angle Hair for Kids

To cut your hair for a kid, please register here