Getting cold feet

In this shave entry you will meet a woman who, like many preparing to shave their head, have many doubts and hesitations. It is no question that committing to lose your long blonde hair is tough; this why Kids Cancer Care id so grateful for all the individuals who make the bold move to Shave their Lid for a Kid. This entry comes from the perspective of one of our very own shavees and honestly depicts the ups n’ downs of shaving your lid. This is her story….
The thought of cutting my hair for cancer first came to mind a year and a half ago when my friend Sarah’s grandmother was fighting cancer. In support of her grandma, Sarah wanted to cut her hair. “I’ll do it with you,” were the first words that came out of my mouth when she told me what she was planning on doing. I honestly just wanted to be a supportive friend and thought it was the right thing to say, not evening imagining what it would be like to follow through with it. 
February came around, the time of the Hair Massacure, and Sarah and I had come up with way too many excuses not to do it at that particular time (AKA we chickened out). After letting the thought resonate, we decided to prepare our hair in order for us to cut and donate it the following February. Of course, February came around and we didn’t end up doing it. Although it was due to the fact that our hair wasn’t long enough, I’m sure we would have found other reasons why ‘later’ would be a better time. 
By April, I knew I really wanted to cut my hair and it was now not only to be the supportive friend I wanted to be. Along with the many people in my life who have battled cancer, Kids Cancer Care has had a huge impact on my desire to do this. Finally, Sarah and I decided to cut our hair after the summer and raise money for specific foundations that we wanted to help. Being 20 years old and attached to my hair (that has never been shorter than my shoulders in the last 15 years), I underestimated how challenging this would be for me.

I didn’t do this for a simple haircut so I didn’t even think about what I was going to look like after. When it was finally cut, it took a couple hours for me to look in the mirror. Even though I originally hated what I looked like, I felt so great for actually doing it and making a small difference. It took me a while to get used to, but those around me made me feel good about myself.

I’m so glad I found a reason that made me want to do this because I don’t think I would have ever cut my hair or changed my hairstyle this drastically in my entire life. I now get to see what I look like with all hair lengths. I no longer have the issue of deciding what to do with my hair in the morning, because I come out of the shower and it’s done. Besides the fact that it feels a little chillier outside, it’s so easy to maintain and I save at least half an hour in the morning.
Lastly, the biggest difference I’ve noticed is how refreshing it is to look so different than what I’m used to. It sounds weird but I feel brand new.
Meagan Diduck