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Erik’s fight

After two wonderful years in remission, our worst fear came true. On December 1, 2012, very early in the morning, Erik climbed into our bed, complaining that he wasn’t feeling well. After a short time, we noticed that he was rapidly losing control over his balance and neurological functions. He lost his ability to speak and then could not stand. The entire left side of his body was effectively paralyzed.

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What would Edyn do?

On this first day of school, my niece’s 15th birthday, a week from the 2-year mark in this dedicated month, I sit here in my office, tears streaming down my face, just wanting my girl back.

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My hair will grow back

I have a dear friend, who at 37 thought she would never have children of her own. Then along came dear little Taylor, weighing in at 9.2 lbs. She looked perfect – all her fingers and toes. Every parents dream, right? Taylor was diagnosed with neuroblastoma.

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