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It was June 20th, 2016 that my wife Lesley and I were shocked to discover that what we thought were growing pains in Thea’s right leg, were in fact symptoms of a rare form of bone cancer called Ewing’s Sarcoma. Within days of receiving her diagnosis, we were struck with more devastating news, the cancer had spread to her lungs.

After six months of treatment, including intensive chemotherapy and 35 rounds of radiation, it was explained to us that Thea’s lung tumours were not disappearing. Surgery came next as the cancer was relentless. Our Thea was a fighter, but she was not winning the battle. Denying the inevitable, we lived and loved each day.

Following Thea’s passing in 2017, and as we continue to embark on life without her, we are especially grateful for the support of Kids Cancer through our grief journey.

It is difficult to imagine where we might be without the compassion and generous programming provided by this organization of dedicated individuals and volunteers that is made possible only with YOUR gift.

My wife and I are asking you today to donate and continue to provide care for children and their families who are experiencing life’s most challenging obstacle—a cancer diagnosis.