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Research is the foundation of successful cancer treatments. Fifty years ago, cancer was a death sentence for most children. Today, because of advances in research, the survival rate for childhood cancer is close to 80 per cent in wealthy countries like Canada. Still about 50,000 of the 250,000 children diagnosed worldwide with cancer each year will succumb to the disease. These children need us to keep working towards a cure.


KCCFA’s research program makes innovative research and future breakthroughs possible by creating an environment ripe for scientific discovery and by attracting the best and brightest researchers to Calgary. Through a competitive research granting program and initiatives such as the Kids Cancer Care Foundation Chair in Oncology, the Hughes Children’s Cancer Research Centre and the Experimental and Applied Therapeutics Program, Calgary has become a veritable hub of childhood cancer research. These research initiatives help attract and foster new clinicians and scientists whose insights and discoveries will add to the international body of knowledge, bringing research teams around the world closer to a cure.

Research in Calgary directly impacts the care of Alberta children and children worldwide. It offers hope to families everywhere. If you are interested in donating to research, click here. If you are a researcher looking for grant information, please visit the grant information page or contact Christine McIver at 403 984 6210 or email her.



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