<p>remembering larissa</p>

remembering larissa

“Having the freedom to celebrate your child in a safe community without worrying about upsetting other parents whose children are still fighting cancer is a gift. Bereaved parents are their worst nightmare, we’re the Bad News Bearers and our journeys are so different. Theirs is one of hope and ours is one of remembering. Having a space where we could truly honour Larissa was so healing.”—Marggie Marks on 2014 Bereaved Family Camp. 

<p>The Healthy HEARTS Lab needs you!</p>

The Healthy HEARTS Lab needs you!

Researchers at the University of Calgary Healthy HEARTS Lab are looking for participants for a study that is looking at sleep and physical activity in families with pediatric cancer survivors. Click here for more information.

<p>breaking bread</p>

breaking bread

After fasting for over 15 hours, little Liam woke up ravenous after surgery. Chowing down before Mom could even slice him a piece of banana bread he scarfed the loaf down nearly whole. 

<p>understanding bone cancer metastases </p>

understanding bone cancer metastases 

Whether or not bone cancer spreads to the lungs could mean life or death for a child. And yet, we still don’t know why and how some bone cancers spread. But with your support, Dr. Michael Monument is exploring these vital questions. 

<p>you help bring dreams to life</p>

you help bring dreams to life

When David Dallas was 12 years old and undergoing cancer treatments, his hands became so blistered from the chemotherapy he couldn’t play his guitar. What kept him going at that time was the thought of playing his guitar again. Now, your support is keeping him going. 

<p>Don, Joanne & the Coach Golf a Kid to Camp!</p>

Don, Joanne & the Coach Golf a Kid to Camp!

Join us, Thursday, August 6 at Cottonwood Golf and Country Club for a day filled with prizes, food, surprises and fun! Funds raised at the tournament are directed towards our camp programs, which provide children affected by cancer a much-needed break from hospitals, so they can be kids again. Register for this one-of-a-kind golf tournament today!



Be part of a vibrant team dedicated to making a difference in the lives of children affected by cancer. We're hiring a variety of positions! Apply today and join a dynamite team!

<p>outreach programs</p>

outreach programs

Check out our many outreach programs!

<p>mason's moustache</p>

mason's moustache

When Mason lost his hair to chemotherapy in 2013 and returned to school later that year, he returned with a full moustache. Sporting a brand new mock moustachio every day became this little guy’s strategy for deflecting attention from his baldness, so he wouldn’t have to talk about his cancer.

<p>every bead tells a story</p>

every bead tells a story

If you looked inside the homes of children affected by cancer, tucked away inside a closet or a drawer, you would find a tangle of colourful beads. Red beads, yellow beads, turquoise, pink, glow-in-the-dark beads. Part of the standard of care for children with cancer, the Beads of Courage program help children understand the complex and often painful medical procedures they experience. Each bead represents a milestone in the trek against cancer and each one tells a unique story of courage and hope.

<p>luca's light</p>

luca's light

From a young age, Luca showed signs of exceptional intelligence. Luca’s doctor was sure he was gifted. Just as his parents grew used to the idea of sending him to a gifted school, everything changed. At age four, Luca was diagnosed with a brain tumour and required months of high-dose chemotherapy and radiation. Today, Luca is a shadow of his former self. Learning is challenging and he’s struggling at school. “He’s changed so much because of what the treatment has done to his brain. He’s so little and he’s completely heartbroken.”— Luca’s mother Amber. 

<p>stealing a place in the hearts of children with cancer</p>

stealing a place in the hearts of children with cancer

When Crispin Arthur told his family that his nine-year tenure with the Kids Cancer Care Board of Directors would soon end, his daughter Jane had only one question for him: “Will they still let you go to the Dad and Daughter Gala?” 

<p>high hopes challenge</p>

high hopes challenge

Each spring, Calgary business leaders test their physical and mental stamina in a day-long challenge at Camp Kindle to raise money for children affected by cancer. With their kid coaches in tow (all childhood cancer survivors or going through treatment), the leaders are challenged with mastering a series of obstacle courses. Help our teams reach their goal of raising $110,000 collectively, to send kids affected by cancer to camp! Learn about the teams and donate today.



<p><strong>shave</strong> your lid for a kid<sup>®</sup></p>

shave your lid for a kid®

Bald is beautiful! Learn how to organize your own Shave Your Lid for a Kid ® !

<p>fundraise for us</p>

fundraise for us

Fundraising events make things happen at Kids Cancer Care! Plan your own event and make a difference in the lives of children affected by cancer. 


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