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The KCCFA Derek Wandzura Memorial Scholarship Fund was established in 2008 to provide education bursaries to young adults who have a history of childhood cancer. Childhood cancer survivors may use the scholarship to upgrade and prepare for post-secondary studies or to pursue a post-secondary education program, be it a university, college or technical education.


Cancer treatments such as surgery, chemotherapy and radiation may cause lifelong physical and psychological effects. As a result of treatments and after effects, young people with cancer may miss school and fall behind their peers, putting them at a disadvantage when it comes to post-secondary education. The KCCFA Derek Wandzura Memorial Scholarship Fund is designed to help level the playing field for these young people. Where research and hospital programs help young people to survive in body and camp helps them to survive in spirit, our scholarship program will help cancer patients or cancer survivors to thrive in mind.


The scholarship is open to residents of Southern Alberta who have a history of childhood cancer, but they may use the scholarship to pursue educational opportunities anywhere in the world. The deadline for applications is April 30. Please note, the scholarship can only be awarded to an individual once. If you have already received a Derek Wandzura Memorial Scholarship, please do not apply. Each May, a panel of representatives from the medical, education and business sectors select deserving applicants. The winners are announced each June.

To find out more about scholarship opportunities with Kids Cancer Care, please contact Mary Phillipo at 403 984 1227 or email her.


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